Adding Custom Details to Create Stunning Walkways, Patios, Walls, and Driveways

Unilock Example Using Borders and Accents.

Using different materials can create areas, separate features,provide guidance, and add beauty.

The landscape industry continues to evolve like any other industry. Ten to twenty years ago the typical paver patio consisted of a bunch of the same classic pavers arranged in a normal pattern. They looked okay and served a purpose. If you were really fancy you might have gotten a circle or two put in, maybe even added a soldier course as a border but when all was said and done, you had a rather bland looking patio that could easily be compared to concrete.

Today, our friends over at Unilock have been a driving force for progress in the paver industry. At a recent conference at their Brighton, Michigan location we got a chance to hear more about where the industry is and what exciting new things were to come. There are many enhancements in paver technology these days. Some pavers are designed for applications where they need to stay clean, for example, while other pavers are designed to allow water to readily absorb into them.

As a landscape company, the biggest questions for us are: How will they look? and How will they perform over time?

Major advances in both color and texture have turned a standard patio and walkway into something that has significant aesthetic value in the landscape. Pavers can be used to enhance the design goals of the customer. Smoother pavers with vibrant colors such as Umbriano can lend a cleaner, more modern feel and they can be used around swimming pools, to create basketball courts, or as driveways. Textured pavers, like the tumbled Brussels pavers, offer a more rustic and natural feel. Brussels pavers and walls are probably our most popular choice today.

When you move beyond the standard patio which consists of a patio or walkway with a border(a line of bricks that are all the same dimension that frame in the pavers), you get into the artistry aspect of paver installation and design. Accents, banding, patterns, texture combinations, colors, and more can be used to create beautiful spaces that carry their own artistic appeal. Below is an excellent example of how using different colors, by way of an accent border, can enhance the driveway to the point where it can stand alone as a landscape feature. It also adds to the modern rustic feel of the homes architecture.

In another example, both color and texture are used to enhance the pavers in this courtyard. The dark, shiny, smooth Courtstone combines with the lighter, tumbled, rustic Brussels pavers that really take the patio to another level of beauty.

Look at this example of an entry with accent ribbons. It is in a class all by itself when it comes to entryways.

If you are thinking about a new patio or if you install or design patios we recommend that you take the time to consider adding some exciting elements into your future project. Check out some more samples at Unilock’s Design Ideas page. Patios, walls, driveways, and walkways are pieces of your landscape that are designed to last. Adding beauty to these elements is a long-lasting enhancement that is worth the investment.

 If you’re considering a project in South East Michigan, fill out the form below and let us help you create the landscape of your dreams!


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