Smart Landscaping to Minimize Ticks and Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Outsmart Ticks with Smart Landscaping – Natural Health – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

I saw this article today from Mother Earth News and felt it was worth  sharing. Tick populations are expected to be up this year and there is an increased chance running into them outside. There is a nice checklist of things to do to your landscape to help minimize potential for exposure.

Ticks like to hide in taller grass, wooded edges, and places that hold humidity. A frequently watered flower bed along the woods can be an ideal environment.

Creating a buffer space of stone or mulch to separate your garden or yard from the woods or fields is one step you can take to minimize exposure to ticks. Maintaining your lawn with regular cuttings is helpful for minimizing ticks and mosquitoes around the home.

The first step to minimizing mosquitoes around the home to remove any sources of standing water. Even small amounts of a quarter of an inch can act as a mosquito nursery. Empty buckets, wheelbarrows, and toys. Flip over anything that might hold water. Check tarps and plastic bags to make sure they aren’t holding water and install drainage to deal with standing water in the yard.

Finally, clear unnecessary overgrowth in your flower beds and along wooded edges. Place play areas 10 feet away from wooded edges and allow plenty of sunlight around areas of frequent use.

Although we don’t always recommend significant use of pesticides, if you are noticing ticks around your home, gardens, or play areas, consider pesticide treatments in areas that you will frequent to push the ticks back into the woods.

Pesticides are non-discriminatory and kill beneficial insects as well as the pests you are trying to get rid of. The chemicals can also be harmful to your health so be sure to use them wisely and efficiently if you need to.

Mosquitoes can be repelled to a certain extent by some plants and can be naturally controlled by bats and dragonflies. Pesticide treatments are not overly effective for mosquitoes. You can kill them in your yard but, as with any flying insect, new ones will replace the old ones in a hurry. Mosquitoes like to hide in the shade during the heat of the day in trees, shrubs, and tall grass. By keeping trees and shrubs trimmed and keeping grass cut, you minimize the hiding spots in and around your home, thus reducing the number of mosquitoes nearby.

If you’re interested in taking some steps towards keeping your home safe from mosquitoes, ticks, or other pests this season and you live in south east Michigan, let us know. You can visit our website at or fill out the form below and one of our reps will be glad to come out and meet with you.


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