Best Deer Resistant Perennials for Michigan

Deer resistant perennials are critical for those of us in Michigan and the upper mid west. This list of perennials is courtesy of Miller Landscape and includes over 30 excellent perennials that work where deer are a real nuisance to your flower beds.

Deer resistant perennials aren’t deer-proof but they are less likely to be eaten and will often be off the menu except in a particularly harsh winter or when other food sources aren’t available. I’ve personally worked on homes where we installed deer resistant plants and they were destroyed because the deer had so little food. The deer were eating the Norway spruce trees which is a secondary food source normally and considered to be somewhat deer resistant.

Deer are browsers. No, not Internet explorer browsers, more like window shoppers. They like to walk along and check things out, maybe give something a try every now and again. They may not eat a plant, but they will try it out often times.

In South East Michigan the deer density is very high and in communities where the numbers aren’t regulated, there can be significant plant loss if you don’t plant the right perennials. Avoid setting up a deer buffet by looking through this list:

Miller Landscape, Inc. > Best Deer Resistant Perennials for Michigan.

What’s your go-to deer resistant perennial? What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a deer eat?


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