Adding Charm to Your Landscaping Using Bridges

Bridges Add Direction and Charm

I found a webpage that was a little different and I thought it was worth sharing. There are so many different ways to add charm to the landscape. Pergolas, arbors, benches, colorful flowers, fire pits, nice furniture, custom elements like a chandelier, and the list goes on…

One way that I haven’t seen discussed much is the use of bridges. Bridges are certainly a unique feature and perhaps their value is overlooked?

I’ve always had an appreciation for bridges for what they do functionally and for what they symbolize. In the landscape they can serve a few purposes. The main function is they connect spaces and allow you to navigate somewhere that you otherwise couldn’t.

They also provide a sense of direction. Bridges serve one main purpose, they are a path. Having a bridge tells people that this is the way to go.

They also provide a stopping point, especially for kids. To this day I always stop on a bridge and take a moment to look around to see what is in the water or valley. There’s just something about a bridge, they just draw you in.

Below is a link to the page with several wonderful examples of bridges. It mainly features decking and natural stone materials.

View Water Features and Bridges here.

Do you have a bridge or do you have a spot that a bridge would work well with? Have you thought about using a bridge in your landscape? If so, let me know in the comments.


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