New Artistic Planters from NativeCast

NativeCast Unveils New Line of Handmade, Eco-Friendly Planters for Spring 2014

Naturally Beautiful, New Crab Apple Planters Add Life to Any Space

With the long winter behind us, NativeCast has the perfect way to bring a fresh burst of greenery to any living space, just in time for spring.

Check out the new design! NativeCast, creator of hand-cast, eco-friendly garden containers, unveils their new spring line: the Crab Apple collection. They are natural, full of character, and can be used in many different applications. They are part planter, part art work.

“I constantly find inspiration for my functional pieces of art in nature,” said Ricky Giacco, the founder and visionary of NativeCast.

“For my latest collection, I used fallen branches from a tree in the yard of the house I grew up in,” explained Giacco. “I was drawn to its texture and shape, elements that translated to the containers better than I imagined.”

Sticking with a major spring 2014 home style trend, each handmade piece from NativeCast’s new collection is a sleek light grey, guaranteed to complement any color scheme.

The Crab Apple collection includes two different sizes, a small and large planter, so there’s a planter for any space. All the planters are handmade and crafted from Giacco’s unique eco-concrete, made from recycled concrete, pinecones, and sand.

Discover the perfect container from NativeCast for any indoor or outdoor space below.

Bring the Great Outdoors In

There is no better way to decorate for spring than bringing the great outdoors inside.

The smallest of NativeCast’s 2014 collection,the Crab Apple I, is ideal for any indoor space. The beautifully simplistic design retails for $35 and is a perfect addition to any table top or desk.

“This planter has been one of NativeCast’s all-time best sellers,”Giacco noted. “People love how thesize allows them to bring greenery and the spirit of the outdoors to their favorite indoorspot.”

Seamlessly Blend Indoor and Outdoor Décor

The Crab Apple collection goes big with the Crab Apple II.

TheCrab Apple II is a rustic planter that makes a beautiful statement. The all-natural design and construction of the Crab Apple II paired with colorful flowers and foliage make for a flawless container composition on the porch, patio, or deck.

“One of my favorite parts about the spring 2014 collection is that these pieces can stand alone, but when paired together, they really transform a space.”

All the planters in NativeCast’s collection leave room to get creative. Mix and match them and experiment with different flowers to give a garden new life.

With NativeCast’s Crab Apple Collection, unique design possibilities in or out of the garden are ready to bloom.

Order any of these Crab Apple Plantersfrom


NativeCast began creating garden containers that marry high art and functional design in 2010. Each NativeCast piece is conceived, created and individually hand cast by founder, Ricky Giacco. All of NativeCast’s sleek, sustainable planters are made with light-weight, green concrete and natural materials, like sand, shells, and pine needles. To purchase DIY kits or other hand-cast containers, visit, like them on Facebook or follow them on Pinterest.


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